Wil Widner


Wil skateboard journey started when sister’s boyfriend (now his brother-in-law) surprised him a Birdhouse team board when he was 12. At around 16 years old, Wil picked up his mom's camera to feel like he was contributing more to his crew than just being the “dude with a car.” What started out as insecurity evolved into an odyssey that brought Wil many great homies, memories, and life lessons all because one day he decided he was going to shoot photos.

Skateboarding will always be my first true love, photography a close second, and the third being an ex girlfriend I once told:

I’ll always love skateboarding more than I love you.

Hometown: Baytown
Shooting since: 2006
First camera setup: Mom’s Nikon D50, 35-70mm kit Lens, a screw on wide angle/fisheye adapter from Ebay, and a Nikon speedlight
Current camera setup: Canon 5D Classic and Canon 60D (For when the 5D is dead or when I'm halfway to the spot and realize I left all of my CF cards at home. Again.) Sigma 24-70mm, Canon 15mm Fisheye, and a Canon 50 mm, Impact Treklite, Godox AD360, a Neewer Speedlight. All triggered with Pocket Wizards
Photofinishing Rig: Either my 2014 21.5" Mac Desktop w/ 16GB Ram, 1 TB HD, and a Wacom drawing tablet, or for couch editing, the always trusty, sometimes buggy, 9.7" iPad with Apple Pencil
Photofinishing software: Desktop: Photoshop for RAW editing and detail oriented elements. Lightroom for simple touch ups and color correction. iPad: Adobe Lightroom CC for IOS. Among This app alone makes the creative cloud membership worth it. I actually prefer using this over its desktop counterpart most of the time.

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